I love working with people and their animals. The moment that really opened my heart was when I started to see that the animals in our daily lives and the animals all around us are here as our teachers. This change in understanding not only awakened me to a richer and deeper relationship with animals, but also to seeing animals as a true gift from the universe, here to assist us in becoming our very best selves.

What I love about this work is the ability to help people and their animals in a really unique way. During an intuitive reading, I am able to connect with an animal and see the way they are instructing, guiding and helping someone learn a life lesson. It blows me away each and every time! I would love the opportunity to connect with you and your animal to explore this amazing journey you are both taking together.


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DM certification seal“Jenny Jozwiak is a shining example of what you can do with your life when you decide to stop letting your fears get in the way. Having gone from fearful and paralyzed to jumping into whatever she tries with both feet, Jenny’s enthusiasm, “Hey, I’ll give it a try!” attitude and her ability to be conscious of herself while assisting other people and animals really sets her apart from most intuitives. What is most exciting about Jenny is how she personally relates to whatever problem someone is having with their animal – thereby allowing her to uncover the depths of what is really going on in the relationship.”  Danielle MacKinnon